About us

We fuse art and documentary in our wedding photography and videography.

Our approach

Valo is made up of Rohan and Laura, a couple based in Auckland. We love simple things, such as camping in our van (preferably somewhere without reception), good food, wine, great movies and documentaries, and minimalistic lifestyle in general. We’re easy-going and don’t take life too seriously.

To us, our wedding photography and wedding videography work is about finding beauty in the ordinary little moments and crafting stories that reflect the personalities of our couples and their wedding day. Looking around our portfolio, you can see we focus heavily on real, genuine moments that are often captured without the people even realising they were being photographed or filmed. We put a lot of emphasis on beautiful framing and skilful timing, that captures these moments artistically and interestingly. Our aim is not just to tell your story but do it with creativity and elegance.

Auckland wedding videographer

Meet Rohan. Here’s what he has to say about his work as our Auckland wedding videographer:

I’m a lively personality, so naturally I gravitated towards careers where I could be around people, such as events, sales and marketing. As a wedding videographer, I’m drawn to creating beautiful storylines that are all about the people.

I prefer a simple approach to filming, which allows me to be very discreet. By this I mean I keep my equipment minimal to prevent it from distracting me from what actually matters: the moments. I’ve found that this way of shooting helps me blend into the crowd and really absorb everything around me: the setting, the atmosphere, the sounds, the emotions, translating my experience into beautiful, meaningful footage.

With my editing, I draw inspiration from film classics that stay relevant for decades, where the most powerful element is always the story. My goal is to create wedding films that are timeless and emotional, something that people will enjoy watching again and again.

Auckland wedding photographer

Laura is our Auckland wedding photographer. This is her story:

I took interest in photography in my teens. What fascinated me most was photojournalism that not only freezes a key moment in time but does it in a way that composes the image beautifully and artistically. I have a background in arts and design and I’ve always thought of myself as a visual storyteller, whether it’s through illustration, design or photography. In my wedding photography work, I strive to capture moments that can often be considered ordinary and perhaps not interesting, but compose the image in a way that brings out the beauty in that precise moment.

Another important thing for me is to make my subjects feel comfortable with me around. Whenever giving direction, I keep it minimal and natural. I believe the best images are achieved when people forget about being photographed and embrace the moment fully.