About us

We fuse art and documentary in our wedding photography and videography.

Our approach

Valo is made up of Rohan and Laura, a couple based in Auckland. We love simple things, such as camping in our van (preferably somewhere without reception), good food, wine, great movies and documentaries, and minimalistic lifestyle in general. We’re easy-going and don’t take life too seriously.

To us, our wedding photography and wedding videography work is about finding beauty in the ordinary little moments and crafting stories that reflect the personalities of our couples and their wedding day. Looking around our portfolio, you can see we focus heavily on real, genuine moments that are often captured without the people even realising they were being photographed or filmed. We put a lot of emphasis on beautiful framing and skilful timing, that captures these moments artistically and interestingly. Our aim is not just to tell your story but do it with creativity and elegance.