Wedding videography

For most couples, their wedding day is a blur. It's full of excitement and emotions and in the midst of it all, only some memories remain. Wedding videography at its best can help you relive these emotions and take you back in time again and again.

We craft personalised stories that preserve the essence of your wedding day for years to come.

Minimalistic approach, artistic films

Capturing moments as they unfold, naturally and unforced, is what we do. You can be assured we work discreetly and you’ll hardly even notice our presence throughout the day.

We prefer not to draw attention to ourselves, hence we don’t show up with a huge amount of gear, keeping our equipment to a minimum. Usually guests don’t even realise you have a videographer, as we blend into the crowd.

Our cinematography is influenced by award-winning filmmakers and we focus heavily on the storytelling aspect of our films. We take good care to craft our work in a way that it reflects the unique personalities of our couples, an approach that makes our films relevant not only now, but for years to come.

Our films

New Zealand and destination wedding videographer

Although based in Auckland, our work takes us all across the country and overseas to film weddings. Whether you’re arranging a celebration here in New Zealand, or a destination wedding, we’d love to hear from you!

Ok, I’m onto my 7th watch. Every time I watch it there is another special little moment I hadn’t noticed before. It’s like a movie. I love it so much I will treasure it forever <3


Elopement wedding videographer

Eloping (or literally, running away secretly to get married) can be the perfect solution for modern couples wanting to simplify things and maybe have a bit of an adventure while tying the knot.

Whether you’re planning a small celebration at the local beach, or a mountain top escapade, elopement videography can provide a fun, unique memory of your little adventure.

We always get extra excited when we receive an enquiry for an elopement. Elopements leave more room for creativity, as the pressure of a tight schedule is often gone. If you feel connected with our work, and are planning to elope, we’d love to discuss how we might fit in the picture.